Don’t take our word for it! Hear directly from our CGI parents and learn what they love most about their CGI Bay area Jewish summer camp experience. 

Camp Gan Izzy is the highlight of my kids year, they look forward to it the moment the summer arrives. The counselors are unbelievable, their enthusiasm, spirit and incredible love for being with the kids shines through every minute. They never tire from the first moment the kids arrive to the last hug at the end of camp. I heard one counselor say to another, "can you please give G a hug, they will not leave until you do". The activities they come up with are always creative, fun and interesting for all ages. They have diverse activities to include both boys and girls in arts, crafts, sports & more. Camp Gan Izzy takes the extra effort to always be safe and make sure all campers are taken care of. They have many specialists come each week to provide the kids with new activities. At pick up time I have to pull my kids away they never want to leave. 


Our kids are so happy at the end of a Camp Gan Izzy day and the songs and ruach lasts them through the entire evening until it's time to go back the next day.  Our son could not fall asleep the night before the last day of camp because he was so sad that Gan Izzy was ending. 


Tal and Shani loved the camp from the first day till the last.
They liked the songs, the activities, the water slides but beyond all just loved their instructors (and in fact any instructor that they were in touch with)
I think that the camp's charm is that it is fairly intimate and not at all overwhelming but at the same time very energetic, engaging and fun. The instructors are amazing and let the girls feel at home from day one. We keep on hearing camp songs and camp stories at home.

Looking forward to next year :)