Many of the trips we will be going to require that a waiver be signed by the parents.

The list of waivers that need to be completed for summer 2019 will be updated soon. Here is the list from summer 2018:


Trips and Waivers required:

Session 2-5


Third Grade – Sixth Grade: 

 Archery -

(Follow link and click on "Liability Waivers" in the top right corner) 

Session 2 Tuesday

Kindergarten- Second Grade:

La Petite Playhouse – PDF Waiver

Session 2 Thursday

All campers:

Laser Tagging –  PDF Waiver

Session 3


Kindergarten- Second Grade:

Pump it Up –  Online Waiver

Session 3 Tuesday

Third Grade – Sixth Grade:

Shoreline Boating - PDF Waiver 

Session 3 Thursday

All campers:

Rockin Jump –  Online Waiver


Session 5



Fourth Grade – Sixth Grade*:

Planet Granite -  Online Waiver.

Please email a government-issued photo ID of the parent who signed the waivers. 

Please make sure to sign your name on the waiver as it's spelled on your I.D.


 *4th-6th Grade will be going to Planet Granite. 3rd grade will be going to the Jungle Islands on July 25th