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Dear Parents,
We have partnered with Ckids to create an “Out Of The Box CGI” experience for our campers. “Out Of The Box CGI” is a seven week program that brings the fun home with weekly themed games, activities, and crafts plus exciting pre-recorded shows online! 


Here is how it works:



1.  Register   for as many individual weeks as you would like, the program is available for 7 weeks. 
2. You can choose either option A or option A & B:
    a. Access to our online portal with a daily curriculum, instructional videos, pre-recorded shows and and a list of supplies (with links) needed for the activities. Cost $25/week per family.
       b. A weekly box of supplies needed for that week's activities delivered to your door. Cost $50/week per kit.


Once registered, campers will be able to access the content on the Ckids online portal and use the supplies from their supply kit for the activities.
Please see our FAQ page for more information and for samples of a weekly schedule, a daily curriculum, and pre-recorded instructional videos and shows.