General Information:

What age campers does the camp serve?

Graduating Pre-K to entering Sixth grade (ages 5-12).

What does a typical day look like at CGI?

Campers start off the morning with spirited songs and some warm up calisthenics. They then enjoy a wide array of sports, including soccer, safe-archery, volleyball, and baseball.  The children explore activities such as art, drama, cooking, water activities, and exciting field trips.

The schedule is jam-packed with exciting and educational games, activities, and experiences. These are designed to develop leadership skills and self-confidence, promote friendship and empathy, and to instill a strong sense of Jewish pride.

How is the staff selected and by which qualifications?

The counselors at CGI are talented, passionate, inventive and experienced. We hire graduating seniors, who will be entering college in the fall. Our counselor-to-camper ratio is  5 years​ -​ 1:6, 6–12 years​ - ​1:8. Extra support staff is assigned to every bunk as well.

Every summer we choose from a large pool of applicants, hiring the best counselors. Parents and children rave about the counselors because of their dedication to each child’s individual needs and camp spirit. The counselors are committed to ensuring that each child has a meaningful and fun summer experience. All counselors have previous summer camp experience and complete counselor education workshops and training.

Rabbi Yale has been the camp director for the past five years. We are pleased to announce that as our camp has grown, we have hired Rivky Spalter, a teacher with over ten years experience and four years of  directing summer camps, who will be joining as co-director. There are two additional head counselors that join the head staff each summer.

What safety measures are taken at CGI?

Our number one priority is to ensure the security of the children. ​Our staff is trained in First Aid and CPR. 

CGI will have a full-time security guard on site. 

Trips are to locations with a track record of child safety. Attendance is taken regularly throughout the day as well as when the campers are off campus. All campers wear camp t-shirts and wristbands with the camps information.

The camp t-shirts have been updated for this summer, you can view them here

Are there choices of activities that my child can choose from?

ISHOPS are workshops/activities that each child can choose from. Each week, the children choose from a variety of activities, such as: sports, art, woodworking, dance, drama, cooking, Lego-robotics, samba, makers lab (new!),  and much more. The children spend a block of time each week on their chosen activity.

What does CGI’s social curriculum and policies look like?

This summer we are excited to be expanding the “Achrayut Initiative.” (Achrayut is the hebrew word for responsibility.)

What is the Achrayut Initiative? In past years we noticed that our campers needed to be encouraged to pick up and clean up after themselves. We began a program to encourage taking responsibility for cleanliness, including appointing “Clean-up” captains, who receive a special orange vest and pick-up stick, and are responsible to pick up trash after activities and lunch. The initiative was received quite positively by the campers, with many of them excitedly requesting the privilege of being Clean-up Captain. 

This summer we will be focusing on our Kavod Initiative (Kavod is Hebrew for respect/honor). We will be supporting the social development and interactions of our campers. We will be instituting this Kavod Initiative throughout the camp, using both curriculum and practices that encourage our campers to be kind and compassionate with each other and help nurture their empathy for other children. 

What makes CGI special?

The children’s enthusiasm for camp. The activities are planned so that the children are deeply  engaged, challenged and excited. They can't wait to come to camp each day. Additionally, Jewish culture is brought to life at CGI. Campers are imbued with a deep sense of pride in their heritage and a love for Israel. But the real secret of CGI’s success is our handpicked staff. Our counselors are chosen from an international network of students for their love for children, professionalism, and joyful personalities. 


Is there bus transportation to the Burlingame location?

Yes, there is a free bus service that leaves from Beresford Park in San Mateo to the camp location in Burlingame.

Dates & Rates: 

Do you have weekly sessions?

Yes, campers can sign up for the whole summer or individual weeks.

If my child misses a day of camp, may we be reimbursed?

A minimum session is one week. 

When is payment due?

June 4th. 

What are my payment options?

Upon registration, you will have the option to pay immediately or set up a payment plan over several months. You can also choose to pay later. If you choose this option you will be redirected to pay a $150 deposit. A link will be sent to you which you can use to view your invoice and make a payment. You can also mail a check to P.O. Box 673 San Mateo, CA 94401. Checks should be made out to “Camp Gan Israel NP”.

Are there any discounts or scholarships available?

There is an early bird discount for applying with a $150 deposit before March 1st.

There is a 5% sibling discount for each sibling enrolled. 

When applying for all 5 sessions you will receive $100 off per child.

Partial scholarships may be available. Scholarship applications must be received before May 1st. 


Daily Schedule and Trips 

What does my child need to bring to camp every day?

Lunch and a water bottle. On water days, campers should bring a bathing suit, sunscreen, and a towel. 

What foods may I send with my child?

CGI is a nut, shellfish and meat free camp. Fish (other than shellfish) and dairy are good options.

Does the camp provide any food?

Two snacks are provided every day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The children are served fresh fruit, cheerios, rice cakes and other whole grain snacks. The children bake fresh Challah each Friday.

How often do campers go on trips?

Twice a week. In addition, there is swimming at Joinville Swim Center once a week.

Where are the trips to?

Please see our Camp Calendars for our full schedule of trips.